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Habitat brings well-designed, effective kitchenware directly to the consumer without middlemen. The result is ground-breaking kitchen cutlery and other household products at reasonable prices. The first Habitat product is our Chef Knife, which reinvents the kitchen knife with a patented ultra-hard metal alloy developed by Caltech and tested by NASA.


This revolutionary metal is bonded to a stainless steel knife blank to create a knife edge of unsurpassed sharpness and remarkable durability. It's ultra-sharp and stays sharp five times longer, exceeding the performance of expensive professional chef knives costing hundreds of dollars. And it does so for much less! We've are launched the Habitat Chef Knife on Kickstarter, where early adopters will be the first to experience the performance of this first major knife-making improvement in hundreds of years Best Chef Knife VISIONEER Adam Ackerman is the CEO of Habitat, a California company that embraces the flair and creativeness of the California lifestyle. As the founder and driving force behind Habitat, Adam brings some serious credentials to the table. He is an experienced entrepreneur with an enviable track record. He has been particularly successful in selling his own private labeled products on Amazon. Adam was inspired to form Habitat by his love of cooking, entertainment and gracious living.

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